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Ecommerce merchants use Preflect to run their ads on Facebook & Instagram
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Your Formula for Success

Each features is an important piece to your formula for success, working together to help you Advertise Smarter.

Copywriter AI

Preflect generates scroll-stopping ad copy and headlines using AI. It learns what ad copy works and what doesn’t, doubling down on winning strategies.

Audience Builder

Remove guesswork from ad targeting. Preflect automates your ad targeting using audiences built from your store's shopper data while also helping you deploy relevant interests.

Campaign Automation

Set targeting, budget, and upload ads in seconds and let Preflect's system intelligently structure your ads for success. After launching your first campaign, Ads Manager will feel like it's in the stone age.

Budget Optimizer

Tracking your funnel’s efficiency 24/7 is impossible. Preflect’s AI allocates your ad dollars across your funnel in real-time, ensuring your funnel functions like a fine-tuned machine.

Moderator AI

Failing to address negative comments is costly. Our AI reads and removes negative comments in seconds. It also helps your brand intelligently respond to questions in record time.

Brands Who Trust Us

Become one of the many high-performing e-commerce brands that follow Preflect’s formula for success to advertise smarter!



As a busy solo-prenuer, I don't have a lot of time to spare. Preflect is a great tool that gives me the freedom to upload content for ads and then move on other projects. Having ads shown on multiple platforms has given my business the widespread exposure I have been looking for.


Starlite By J

The amazing thing about Preflect is that I can rely heavily on their AI. The automated process saves me 30-40 hours per week. I was spending the entire day inside of Facebook Ads manager and Preflect has saved us a tremendous amount of time so my business partner and I can focus more on our creatives.

John Wright

Bible Blocks

Great interface, very responsive support! All the data crunching that Preflect does for me and all the automatic features really take a lot of the guesswork out of my Facebook ad spend! I paid off the agency I was using (painful $5K mistake) and signed up with Preflect and the results have been night and day!

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Stores use Preflect to run ads with budgets ranging from $100/day to well over $2,500+/day. It's up to you.



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Frequent Questions

Here are some FAQs to learn more about Preflect

Preflect vs. Facebook Ads Manager

Preflect optimizes your ads using the Preflect Pixel and insights from hundreds of Shopify ad accounts, helping you earn more ROAS than using Facebook or TikTok alone. With Preflect, you just upload your creatives once, and we automatically set up your audiences, campaigns, ad sets, and ads; optimize them; and report back to you.

Preflect vs. Agencies

Agencies (especially media buyers) manually spend hours setting up and running your ads, then slowly try to optimize them with Facebook's poor data. Preflect makes them obsolete. You save $1,000s in fees, make better decisions using better data, and don't have to deal with their human errors.

Does Preflect make creatives for me?

No, we don’t make creatives. We suggest hiring freelancers on Upwork if you’re looking for creatives to be made on a budget.

Preflect vs. Triple Whale

Triple Whale is an attribution platform built primarily to help you track sales. With Triple Whale, you'll still need Preflect to actually run your ads.

Preflect vs. Shopify/Google Analytics

Shopify and Google Analytics have very poor data quality since iOS 14.5, so you can no longer rely on their data for decision-making.

What kind of ROAS can I expect?

Schedule a chat with us, and we'll be happy to discuss expectations for how return on ad spend and sales can look using Preflect.

Do I qualify for Preflect?

Book a demo to find out, and make sure to correctly enter your website address!

Does Preflect have a Shopify App?

Preflect connects to your store via a custom Shopify App. This easy setup takes an average of four minutes. Note: we didn't publicly list on the App Store, as we approve each store for ad network compliance.

How much do I have to budget?

Preflect can manage as little as $100 per day in ad spend, or as much as $5,000 per day with ease.

How much does Preflect cost?

We charge a monthly subscription plus Preflect Ad Spend. Ad Spend is dynamically priced so that costs closely reflect the true value of the inventory we buy for you. A 30-day free trial is available on the monthly subscription part, to help you get started.

How long does it take to get started?

Most Preflect users spend 1-2 hours uploading ads, and are live running ads within 2 business days.

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