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1. Run ads with Preflect. We'll show you how easy it is.

Preflect helps you easily run Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Ads for your Shopify store, from our easy app.

Our app helps you create ads, set a budget, and go live, all without the headaches of Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Our AI runs your ads better with automated targeting

We create and optimize value-based lookalikes that specifically find new, high-value, lifelong customers. You don't have to lift a finger – our AI targets better than pros.

3. Preflect's Pixel helps optimize your ads for profit

Our pixel tracks your store's visitors and analyzes your Shopify data to optimize ads in real-time – don't wait 72 hours for Facebook's data to catch up.

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"The entire team at Preflect is amazing. The app itself is exactly something I've been looking for. Facebook/IG ads can be a pain to figure out exactly who to target, how much to spend, etc. With Preflect, all I'm really responsible for is making the creative, which takes a lot of stress off the process. So far, the app has brought in a good amount of sales and it's still learning! AI isn't good for everything, but for FB/IG ads I can't imagine that this isn't the future."

CEO of smpl

Starlite by J

"The amazing thing about Preflect is that I can rely heavily on their AI. The automated process saves me 30-40 hours per week. I was spending the entire day inside of Facebook Ads manager and Preflect has saved us a tremendous amount of time so my business partner and I can focus more on our creatives."

CoFounder of Starlite by J

Heart of Sun Swimwear

"Genuinely the best marketing app to combat the iOS 14.5 update. Preflect is saving us tens of thousands of dollars and performs better then any single man agency. The staff is also extremely compassionate & super supportive. 10/10!"

CoFounder of Heart of Sun Swimwear

Best Aid Hearing

"Someone pinch me right now! The struggles I went through over the last 1.5 years almost broke me ie IOS, alleged marketers, etc. I was basically going in circles with sales and high cost. I've been with Preflect now for 2 weeks and I have had 19 sales on $84 ad spend with 2.67x Return on Ad. Today, I had 3 sales with only 100 website visitors. Unreal... I feel like a king right now!"

Founder of Best Air Hearing

Bible Blocks

"Great interface, very responsive support! All the data crunching that Preflect does for me and all the automatic features really take a lot of the guesswork out of my Facebook ad spend! I paid off the agency I was using (painful $5K mistake) and signed up with Preflect and the results have been night and day!"

CoFounder of Bible Blocks


"Preflect has been a huge help with Facebook ads. The team is extremely helpful and has about doubled our ROAS since using them for the last few months. The data is incredible and takes all the variables and brings them into just a couple simple stats that are easy to use for decision making."

Ecommerce Manager at SILCA

Kram Nutrition

"Preflect rocks! We have been using their plug-in for months to manage our Facebook/IG ads. Great support, simple integration, and the results speak for themselves (3X ROAS all day!). 100% would recommend for anyone looking to increase their return on social advertising."

CMO of Kram Nutrition

Tennessee Peanut Company

"No joke. VERY skeptical person about apps, especially in the ad space world, and rarely have any expectation of fluid honesty, hard work, or otherwise. Preflect has made me out to be a dummy in this regard. Dollars working, proven - Really are great people doing a great thing. Couldn't recommend enough!

Founder of Tennessee Peanut Company

ThreadWeird Apparel

"This app is excellent! Honestly, I was very cautious in utilizing an app to handle my facebook ads. But after speaking with a representative of Preflect, I decided to give it a try. And I am very happy I did. Prior to using this app, my prior experience in running facebook ads proved to produce bad results. I'm currently in my second week with Preflect, and I am already seeing 2X+ ROAS. I'm very impressed with the whole experience, and I would definitely recommend to anyone that runs facebook ads, or is thinking of running facebook ads."

Founder of ThreadWeird Apparel

Skips Garage

"Amazing app and even better customer service. Saves me thousands per month after switching to Preflect from using agencies."

Founder of Skips Garage

Stolen Riches

"Preflect works - not only does it simplify the whole process of uploading and optimizing creative but their "secret sauce" AI has out preformed my previous Facebook Marketing expert. In the first month our CPC decreased by 47%, sales increased 70% and our ad spend is 50% less than it was before."

Founder of Stolen Riches

WICKED Protein Bars

"Preflect is awesome AI technology backed by great founders!"

Founder of WICKED Protein Bars


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from post boosting?

Post boosting helps you gain likes and followers, but it is not designed for earning sales. Preflect runs actual ads that are optimized to earn you sales.

Why use Preflect instead of FB Ads Manager?

Preflect optimizes your ads using insights from hundreds of ad accounts and millions of dollars in ad spend. If you try to run ads on your own, you'd have to spend a ton of money to get the data you need; spend hours creating good lookalike audiences, and optimizing targeting and budget; plus, you’d have no clue where your sales are truly coming from (Facebook, Shopify, and Google Analytics are not accurate sources anymore). With Preflect, you are free from worrying about any of that.

What kind of ROAS can I expect?

Schedule a chat with us, and we'll be happy to discuss expectations for how return on ad spend and sales can look using Preflect.

How much do I have to budget on ads?

Preflect can manage as little as $50 per day in ad spend, or as much as $5,000 per day with ease.

Why use Preflect instead of an agency?

Agencies manually spend hours setting up and running your ads. Our automated AI platform makes that work obsolete. You save $1,000s in fees, start selling faster, and don't have to deal with their human errors.

Does Preflect make creatives for me?

No, we don’t make creatives. We suggest hiring freelancers on Upwork if you’re looking for creatives to be made on a budget.

What is Preflect's price?

We charge $99/month, plus Preflect Ad Spend. We price ads dynamically based on CPM, so costs closely reflect the true value of the inventory we buy for you.