For Shopify and Shopify Plus

Run your ads on autopilot

Preflect uses AI and iOS 14.5-proof tracking to run your ads

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    Advertise on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram
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    Set up, target, and optimize ads on autopilot
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    Find new shoppers and retarget potential customers
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    See for yourself with a 30-day free trial
What is Preflect?

Everything you need to run social ads better than ever

Make more sales with AI


Median ROAS on Preflect

Preflect is designed to earn you as many sales as possible from your ads, at every step of the funnel. Our user performance data consistently backs it up.


Save thousands on agency fees

Preflect users frequently save $3,000/month or more on agency fees. Stop paying people to do work that AI can do better, faster, at a lower cost.


Start small, or grow fast

Stores use Preflect to profitably run ads with budgets ranging from as low as $50/day, to well over $1,000/day. It's up to you.

Ads, Made Simple

Meet your new ads manager

Create ads and track results across TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram – all within Preflect

Preflect Empowers You

Reach More Shoppers

Preflect deploys your ads to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, helping you reach new shoppers everywhere they spend their time.

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    Upload ads once to deploy them everywhere
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    Automatic budget allocation across networks
Preflect Empowers You

Optimize to Sell More

Preflect bridges the gap between Shopify and major ad networks, enabling you to:

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    Optimize landing pages to earn more sales
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    Find audiences similar to your top customers
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    Dynamically allocate budget to make more sales
Preflect Empowers You

Track iOS Shoppers

Our dev team has spent hundreds of hours building ecommerce tracking for the iOS era, so you can:

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    Trace 96% of sales to their source
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    Make decisions with real-time data
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    Move faster than your competitors
100s of Profitable Merchants

Meet your fellow Preflect users

Join these stores in earning more sales with Preflect

"Genuinely the best marketing app to combat the iOS 14.5 update. Preflect is saving us tens of thousands of dollars and performs better than any agency. The staff is also extremely compassionate & super supportive. 10/10!"

Nick - Heart of Sun

"Great interface, very responsive support! All the data crunching that Preflect does for me and all the automatic features really take a lot of the guesswork out of my Facebook ad spend! I paid off the agency I was using (painful $5K mistake) and signed up with Preflect and the results have been night and day!"

John - Bible Blocks

"The amazing thing about Preflect is that I can rely heavily on their AI. The automated process saves me 30-40 hours per week. I was spending the entire day inside of Facebook Ads manager and Preflect has saved us a tremendous amount of time so my business partner and I can focus more on our creatives."

Leon - CoFounder of Starlite By J

"Preflect has been a huge help with Facebook ads. The team is extremely helpful and has about doubled our ROAS since using them for the last few months. The data is incredible and takes all the variables and brings them into just a couple simple stats that are easy to use for decision making."

Travis - Silca

"Amazing app and even better customer service. Saves me thousands per month after switching to Preflect from using agencies."

Ken - Skips Garage
Make more sales with AI

Start your 30-day free trial

Preflect's tech gives you the edge you need to grow your sales. Book a demo to see for yourself and get started.

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    30-day free trial – only pay for Ad Spend
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    No setup fees
Perfect for Shopify Stores
Everything you need to sell more:
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    Facebook placements
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    Instagram placements
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    TikTok placements
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    Automated targeting
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    Sales tracking
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    Ad Spend (billed separately)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to chat about these on a quick call

Preflect vs. Facebook Ads Manager

Preflect optimizes your ads using the Preflect Pixel and insights from hundreds of Shopify ad accounts, helping you earn more ROAS than using Facebook or TikTok alone. With Preflect, you just upload your creatives once, and we automatically set up your audiences, campaigns, ad sets, and ads; optimize them; and report back to you.

Preflect vs. Agencies

Agencies (especially media buyers) manually spend hours setting up and running your ads, then slowly try to optimize them with Facebook's poor data. Preflect makes them obsolete. You save $1,000s in fees, make better decisions using better data, and don't have to deal with their human errors.

Does Preflect make creatives for me?

No, we don’t make creatives. We suggest hiring freelancers on Upwork if you’re looking for creatives to be made on a budget.

Preflect vs. Triple Whale

Triple Whale is an attribution platform built primarily to help you track sales. With Triple Whale, you'll still need Preflect to actually run your ads.

Preflect vs. Shopify/Google Analytics

Shopify and Google Analytics have very poor data quality since iOS 14.5, so you can no longer rely on their data for decision-making.

What kind of ROAS can I expect?

Schedule a chat with us, and we'll be happy to discuss expectations for how return on ad spend and sales can look using Preflect.

Do I qualify for Preflect?

Book a demo to find out, and make sure to correctly enter your website address!

Does Preflect have a Shopify App?

Preflect connects to your store via a custom Shopify App. This easy setup takes an average of four minutes. Note: we didn't publicly list on the App Store, as we approve each store for ad network compliance.

How much do I have to budget?

Preflect can manage as little as $50 per day in ad spend, or as much as $5,000 per day with ease.

How much does Preflect cost?

We charge a $299/mo subscription plus Preflect Ad Spend. Ad Spend is dynamically priced so that costs closely reflect the true value of the inventory we buy for you. A 30-day free trial is available on the monthly subscription part, to help you get started.

Book a demo to set your ads on autopilot:

Recent Preflect News

January 2022

Achieving ad-perfect with Preflect

Mark Cuban Companies Newsletter featured Preflect: "The lightbulb went off in early 2021 to deliver better data and AI-powered automations through a simple interface. The timing converged with Apple’s iOS privacy updates, skewing Facebook ad revenue negatively. In August, the team launched Preflect, with significant growth in six months." 

June 2022

$1,076,045/month in ad-attributed sales 🎉

Preflect reached a key milestone on our mission to replace media-buying agencies: generating over a million dollars in sales for users in one month. As we progress towards our 2022 goal of $15M in Q4 sales, we're expanding our team: please email ian [at] to connect and join us as we work to revitalize the small business economy.