AdRoll vs Preflect: Which is right for your Shopify store?

AdRoll’s website visitor retargeting ads are top-notch, but when it comes to social media ads, Preflect outperforms. In this post, we review each platform's strengths and weaknesses, features, and pricing.

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Comparing AdRoll and Preflect

1. Why choose AdRoll for retargeting ads?

If you want to target your Shopify store’s previous visitors, then AdRoll is a great option for those retargeting ads. AdRoll is easy-to-use and affordable, with minimum budgets as low as $10 per day. Plus, AdRoll can target shoppers from all around the world.

Since the iOS privacy updates, AdRoll may struggle to reach shoppers who use iPhones. AdRoll is still great at targeting shoppers who use desktop computers and Android phones, but its iOS capabilities may be limited.

2. Why choose Preflect for prospecting ads?

Now, if you're wanting to attract new customers for your business, social advertising is the way to go.

Preflect specializes in using Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads to discover new consumers for your Shopify store. You can retarget your followers and website visitors, but we specialize in finding valuable new consumers who will grow your brand.

Plus, our iOS-resistant tracking technology optimizes your social ads faster.

3. Should I run my Shopify store's ads with AdRoll or Preflect?

To sum it up, AdRoll is a great toolkit for targeting known consumers while Preflect's focus is on finding new ones. Depending on your business goals, one (or both) of these Shopify ad platforms may be a perfect fit for you.

AdRoll is better for:

  • Retargeting your website visitors, outside of social media
  • Targeting international shoppers outside of the US and Canada
  • Stores spending less than $50/day

Preflect is better for:

  • Finding new customers with social ads
  • Reaching valuable shoppers on Apple (iOS) devices
  • Stores spending $50+/day and looking to grow

4. AdRoll Pricing vs. Preflect Pricing

If you're only running programmatic retargeting ads on AdRoll, you just pay for your ad spend. If you also want to retarget shoppers on social networks, you'll pay AdRoll for your ad spend plus a monthly subscription that starts at $40/month and scales much higher. For stores spending less than $50/day on retargeting ads, AdRoll is very affordable, and we recommend it for programmatic retargeting.

In contrast, Preflect is meant for larger stores that spend at least $50/day on social ads – and many users grow to spend over $1,000/day. Like AdRoll, you pay for your ad spend. However, our monthly subscription is flat-rate at $299/month, which includes unlimited use of its iOS-resistant attribution system, helpful for tracking and optimizing all of your marketing.

When thinking about pricing, it's important to account for performance. Advertising is crucial to your Shopify store's success, so you need a partner that gives you the tools you need to grow and succeed.

5. Special Features of AdRoll and Preflect

AdRoll's paid plans include email marketing features. While we strongly prefer Klaviyo for stores that have customers lists of more than 1000 emails, it can be nice for small stores to have AdRoll's built-in email tool. If your store is a side hustle and you're short on time, then AdRoll's email features can be a great option.

Preflect is differentiated by our iOS-resistant tracking system. We provide order-level attribution on all of your Shopify store orders, helping you make smart marketing decisions that earn you more sales. Plus, we use this tracking system to optimize your ads and make recommendations.

AdRoll vs. Preflect: The Bottom Line

AdRoll is great for reaching your website visitors, and Preflect is great for your social media ads.

If you're looking to target both new and returning shoppers, across the internet, we recommend using both AdRoll and Preflect together. If finding new customers is your priority, then Preflect should be your go-to.

Either way, we recommend demoing both platforms before making your decision! Every store is different, and the right platform for you will depend on your specific goals.

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